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About Vids on Point

Vids on Point based in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv is specialized in programmatic video campaigns.
Started as Pocket Media back in 2012 but rebranded to Vids on Point in the beginning of 2021 after Pocket Media’s app division was acquired by TradeDoubler.

With over 9 years of programmatic video specialization we know how to get the best results for your campaigns. Specialized in CTV and in-app Video campaigns.

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Quality, reach and inventory is Key for a successful video campaign. We know how to achieve this. Backed with 3rd party fraud vendors for quality control and connected to an intensive pub inventory for reach and inventory.


We maximize fill rates and make sure we connect you programmatically to the right campaigns. Our goal is to achieve as much fill as possible for the best price. We can achieve this due to the extensive range of advertisers and SSP’s connected via our platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

Programmatic video advertising means an automated way of purchasing and selling ads through specialized platforms. It includes traffic data management and precise targeting settings to boost the accuracy and effectiveness of placing an ad. Programmatic advertising is data-driven and reaches out to users via multiple channels through individually targeted ads.

CTV stands for “connected TV” and is any television set used to stream video over the internet. These are most often videos that are streamed via apps that are downloaded. Devices that are classified as CTV devices are: Smart TV – a TV with a built-in internet connection and media platform.

Connected TV advertising, or CTV advertising, allows brands to reach their audience on smart TVs and OTT devices. MNTN Performance TV gives brands the power to target their audience with Connected TV ads during premium, ad-supported shows provided by top-tier networks.

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